Trace Elements in Biology and Medicine


Since 1983, this FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) has been dedicated to illuminating the role of trace elements in biological systems in plants, microbes, and mammals.

Trace Elements in Biology and Medicine will bridge the gap between basic and applied science in micronutrient research. Organizers have brought together established research leaders, new investigators, and trainees to discuss a broad spectrum of topics in this unique area of study. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of biometals research, this conference is for all researchers involved in human health, nutrition, microbial pathogenesis, and structural biology.


Goals and Takeaways


  • New discoveries in trace element research in biology and medicine
  • Evaluation of the newest research tools, techniques, and model systems for trace element research
  • Collaboration opportunities across disciplines to broaden and deepen their research focus


Program Topics


  • Trace Elements in Disease and Treatment, Parts 1 and 2
  • Trace Element Acquisition, Sensing, and Regulation in Plants and Microbes
  • Trace Elemental Pathways of Nutritional Dependency
  • Metal Homeostasis, Cellular Trafficking, and Metal Interactions
  • New Techniques in Trace Elements Research
  • Co-factors, Enzyme Function, and Techniques

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