AntiDiabetic Compound Library Service

AS an experienced supplier of library construction, Alpha Lifetech Inc.  can provide you with high-quality anti-diabetic compound library service to customers worldwide. 


Compound Library Services - Custom Anti-diabetic Compound Library Service


Anti-diabetic Compound Library consists of 33 special small molecule chemicals from our bioactive compound library, which have been tested or validated by various biological and pharmacological researches. This library targets both type 1 and type 2 diabetes modulators: DPP-4, GPR, Potassium Channel, PPAR, SGLT, etc. You can customize compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid, DMSO or other buffers) and plate layout (Such as Cell Signaling Pathway, Clinical Research, Targets or parts of inhibitors) to meet your specific requirements. 

-- Container: 96-well format sample storage tube with screw cap and optional 2D barcode

-- Size: Customized (50 - 500μL/well; 100μL/well)

-- Concentration: Customized (5 - 50 mM/well; 10 mM/well)


Features of Anti-diabetic Compound Library Service


-- Bioactivity and safety confirmed by preclinical research and clinical trials

-- Quality Control: NMR, HPLC, LC/MS

-- Turnaround time: 3-4 weeks

-- Documents: Plate layout, IC50


Please download the Anti-diabetic Compound Library (ADCL) and customize your libraries (or simply purchase the pre-made libraries). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for technical support. 

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