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Custom Peptide Synthesis & Modification Services

Alpha Lifetech Inc. devotes all efforts to CRO services for years. Alpha Lifetech Inc. has provided peptide synthesis and peptide labeling, modification (phosphorylation, methylation, biotinylation, glycosylation, cyclization, or attachment to carrier proteins or dye labels) service to worldwide customers every year. According to our strict quality-assured system, we promise to provide peptides with high purity at a lower price. All peptides will be verified under HPLC and LC-MS.


Custom Peptide Synthesis Service – Peptide Design & Synthesis Services


Peptides can be synthesized in vitro and used as antigens to produce antibodies in animals or used as ligands for immune-affinity purification. Sometimes, it is hard to express and collect some special biomolecules in vivo by conventional methods, such as the production of phospho-specific antibodies; whereas it will be much easier to produce phospho-specific antibodies by immunizing animals with phosphate-labeled peptides. 


As an experienced provider of high-quality peptide synthesis services, Alpha Lifetech Inc. selects the building blocks and resins carefully, deploys case-specific methods to circumvent hydrophobic interactions, and devises backup routes in the event of synthetic difficulties.


In addition, we provide a series of downstream services after peptides synthesis, shown in table 1. 


Custom Peptide Synthesis - Specification-Table 1




Peptide Form

Single peptides

Peptide Scale

mg to g scale

Peptide Purification

HPLC purification up to 98% (Crude peptide also available)

Peptide Length

Routine synthesis of peptides 30 aa. Long peptide synthesis using special chemistry (40-100 aa)


Phosphorylation-Tyr/Ser/Thr, Methylation, Acetylation, Biotinylation, Myristoylation and MAPS (4 or 8 chains)


Isotope labels, PITC, FAM, FITC, Quantum and Rhodamine


KLH, BSA, OVA, Hydralink


S-S, N-C terminal, Lys, Asp, Glu


Liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry (LC/MS)

Peptide Libraries


Note: For more information about peptide modification and labeling, please find them in Peptide Structure Modification and Fluorescence & Stable Isotope Labeling


Example: A FAM-labeled synthesized peptide in breast cancer cells

Confocal Image: the distribution of a short peptide labeled by the fluorescence group FAM in MDA-231 breast cancer cells.


Quantity Recommended For Different Applications



Quantity Recommended

Immuno-affinity purification

≥15 mg resin-conjugated


Large animal

10-12 mg conjugated

Small animal

4-6 mg conjugated