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Phosphatase (Protein Kinase) Substrates Array

Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers high-quality peptide array service to scientists by using SPOT technology to synthesize large numbers of peptides in small amounts on cellulose membranes for in situ assay and screening.


Custom Phosphatase/Protein Kinase Substrate Array Service


It is well known that phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of proteins play a very important role in signal transduction, such as MAPK/ERK pathway, and control complex biological functions in the cell. In order to complete a high throughput screening for the substrates of phosphatase of interest, Alpha Lifetech Inc. selects the peptide substrates labeled by phosphorous group in special sites (Tyr-p, Thr-p and Ser-p) from our database of phosphorylated sites, which are > 14,000, including Human (5010), Mouse (1070), Rat (880) and other species, and customize them in a peptide array to meet the different requirements of each project. Each peptide on phosphatase array is synthesized in our peptide synthesis platform, Tyr, Thr and Ser sites have been phosphorylated in a single or combinatorial form (two or three amino acids). After incubation with phosphatase of your interest, phosphorus group on target peptide(s) will be cleaved, and will not be stained with a phosphorylation-specific dye such as Pro-Q.

In addition, it is not limited to humans, mouse and rats, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can also provide phosphatase substrate array services to those who require a custom design of other species, like cows, sheep etc. We offer 2 groups of substrates specific for threonine/serine and tyrosine phosphatase activates to help scientists characterize substrate specificity, or identify dephosphorylation sites, screen inhibitors, or compare phosphatases. Please find the Pre-identified Phosphorylation Library.



The substrate peptide array will be incubated with target kinase in an appropriate buffer, and phosphorylated peptide will be detected by phosphorylation-specific dye such as Pro-Q or anti-phosphoserine, anti-phosphothreonine and anti-phosphotyrosine antibodies.


Service Specification


-- Lyophilized peptides, 5-250 nmole in each well of a 96-well plate

-- No cross contamination

-- Quality Control: MALDI-TOF QC and COA

-- Turnaround time: Typically 2-3 week

-- Specific substrate arrays for threonine, serine and tyrosine kinases, or specific phosphopeptide arrays for phosphatases


Applications of Phosphatase & Kinase Substrate Array Service


-- Phosphorylation Profiling (Kinome/Kinome Profiling)

-- Identification of kinases, using pre-defined substrates

-- Characterization of substrate specificity of a given kinase

-- Fingerprinting in substrate specificities among different kinases

-- Evaluation of inhibitors of kinases