Truncation Peptide Library Construction

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Truncation Peptide Library


Truncated libraries allow researchers to determine the shortest length of a peptide that is required for epitope activity. The original peptide sequence is systematically truncated by different monomeric units, and each peptide produced by this method can then be tested. Long peptides can be used in conjunction with alanine scanning libraries. Truncation library screening allows the identification of peptides with enhanced proteolytic stability. It can serve as a tool to investigate the extent to which peptide small molecules undergo metabolic degradation, which is a major consideration in bringing small molecules to the market. (Num. 01: Original Sequence; Num. 02 - 16: Truncated Peptides)  



Service Specification


-- Purity: Crude, Desalt, >70%, >75%, 80%, 85%, 90% and 95%

-- Length: 5-25 amino acids

-- Quantity: 1-20 mg for crude and desalt, 1-15 mg for purified library

-- Deliverable format: Lyophilized peptides in 96-well plate or tube rack (No cross-contamination)

-- Documentation: HPLC, MS, Certificate of Analysis for each peptide


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