Custom Bovine Polyclonal Antibody Service


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Antibody Production Service - Custom Bovine (Cow/Cattle) Polyclonal Antibody Production Service


Some of the bovine (cow/cattle) antibodies have a special character that around 10% of them have an ultra-long CDR3 loop (red part) which extends out of the Fab domain in the form of a "stalk." This long CDR3 antibody stalk then leads into a "knob" which displays the majority of the antibody's binding activity. This long CDR3 stalk is stabilized by both antiparallel β-sheets leading to and from the knob region and by forces from the residues in the other CDR loops. The knob region often contains between 4 and 12 cysteine residues that facilitate disulfide bonding which help maintain its stability. Together, these characteristics of bovine antibodies give rise to an extended binding domain that can reach into clefts, canyons and pores in proteins that are unreachable by typical IgG antibodies.  


Bovine Antibody Binding Capacities


The knob shaped binding domain of the bovine long CDR3 antibody is quite different from the binding domain of the standard IgG antibody. The knob is heavily interwoven on itself due to the disulfide bonding which keeps it stable and forms a globular structure that displays the majority of binding activity. This globular binding domain makes bovine antibodies more ideal for concave binding sites. The stalk of the CDR3 loop adds to the knob's binding ability by giving it extra range to reach into deeper binding sites in proteins, giving it access to deeper pores.


The Advantages of Knob Binding Domain


The greatest advantage to the knob binding domain of bovine antibodies is the amount of binding diversity. Binding capabilities of the knob of bovine antibodies are determined not only by the sequence, but also the pattern and the disulfide bonds that are formed.




Bovine antibodies are often used as raw materials in the development of vaccine, which stand out in the developmental processes of inactivated viral vaccine because of their unique binding capacities and high-neutralizing titer (~108). For example, the antibody neutralizing titer would reach up to ~107 when we immunized the cattle by inactivated poliovirus for the fourth times, which means this antiserum has very higher specificity and affinity to the polio virus.


Why Alpha-Lifetech?


Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers high-quality bovine (cow/cattle) polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development services. The general workflow of bovine polyclonal antibody (pAbs) production is shown as follows: 

Service Features of Custom Bovine (Cow/Cattle) Polyclonal Antibody Production Service


-- High avidity and specificity

-- High antiserum titer: ~108 neutralization titer

-- Large-scale production capability: 2.5 – 3.0 liter antiserum

-- Excellent for antibody pair development

-- Excellent for quality control of viral antigen measurement

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