Naïve Phage Display Library Panning Service

The preparation of single-domain antibody (sdAb) libraries using lymphocytes isolated from immunized animals is a priority consideration because it enables high-affinity binders that underwent in vivo somatic maturation.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. can provide you with diverse high-quality naïve libraries generated through our unique platform of antibody library generation for phage display applications. We have a large repertoire of libraries in many formats, including scFv, Fab, and VHH. Alpha Lifetech Inc. has generated a proprietary naïve phage display library using 50 naïve llamas and 314 naïve alpacas, for a total of 364 animals and size of 1×1011 independent clones.

Strategy for Construction of Naïve Phage Display Library

 The preparation of a naïve library does not differ significantly from that of an immune library. One key point is the choice of raw materials used for constructing the library. To construct a suitable naïve phage display library, peripheral blood lymphocytes collected from nonimmunized animals are used for mRNA extraction. Owing to the lack of somatic maturation stimulated in vivo by the immunization process, such a library theoretically should contain a larger number of independent clones (~109) and greatest genetic diversity to allow the retrieval of high specificity and affinity binders to a given antigen.


Furthermore, the affinity and specificity of antibodies can be improved by molecular evolution after the selection procedure. Although these binders from naïve libraries may be of relatively low affinity, second-generation libraries using in vitro maturation techniques, such as DNA shuffling, error-prone PCR, and randomized primers are techniques that can be employed to improve the diversity of libraries and the affinity of selected antibodies.

Currently, Alpha Lifetech has the following naïve antibody libraries for panning or in development:

-- Naïve Llama Nanobody Phage Library

-- Naïve Alpaca Nanobody Phage Library

-- Naïve Camel Nanobody Phage Library

-- Naïve Rabbit ScFv Phage Library

Features of Naïve Phage Display Library Panning Service

-- No animal immunization and larger library size

-- Need a substantial amount of blood samples collected from different individual animals

-- Capable of generating antibodies against any specific antigen