Stable Cell Line Construction Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. is experienced in cell line construction. We are committed to providing high-quality stable cell line construction services to customers worldwide. Our services are proven and trusted.

Stable cell lines are widely used in various research applications. Cell lines can maintain expression levels during a prolonged culture process. Currently, laboratory technologies of maintaining live cell lines separated from their original tissue source have become robust, such as primary cell and recombinant cell culture, but the stability of those cell lines to produce a high level of bioproduct can be a blockbuster. The opportunity exists to explore new technologies to increase clonal stability while minimizing clonal variation. Factors that contribute to instability include gene copy number, position effect, insertion mutagenesis, post-transcriptional and post-translational modifications.

Based on the cDNA library and gene synthesis technology, we provide a fast and convenient method for screening or amplifying genes of interest (GOI). In general, in order to develop a stable cell line, we need to ligate the GOI to the multiple cloning sites (MCS) which under the control of a single or double promoters and then integrate it into the host chromosomes to retain intact host genetic materials in continuous cell culture or just stay as episomal replicants (transient expression cell line). Stable cell line is the preferred solution, not only to produce recombinant protein and antibody, but also for application in small molecule screenings, gene functional studies etc.

Although the construction of stable cell lines is a laborious and time-consuming job, Alpha Lifetech Inc. is able to free customers from this tedious work and allow them to concentrate on more challenging tasks by providing the relevant services. Our scientists have extensive experience in the field of cell culture and cell line generation. We have developed several high-quality stable cell lines and produced many antibodies and proteins through stable cell lines. Our specific biosimilar cell lines and hybridoma cell lines are available in-house, and we are also pleased to provide custom strains to meet your specific requirements.