Ubiquitin and Ub-like Proteins


Since 1989, this Science Research Conference has explored all biological and chemical aspects of UB/UBL signaling and targeted protein degradation. It is the longest-running international conference in this field that assembles a group of scientists to discuss new and exciting developments in research. The conference provides a forum for collaboration of scientists working in academic, government, and industrial settings to translate research advancements into novel clinical treatments.

This year's SRC will include discussions of 1) the enzymes involved in UB/UBL post-translational modifications and their mechanisms of action; 2) the role of UB/UBL modifications and degradation products of these pathways in disease; 3) the role of UB/UBL modifications in development and signaling pathways; 4) mechanisms of the macromolecular machines involved in UB/UBL biology and targeted protein degradation; 5) protein quality control and cellular stress response mechanisms; and 6) therapeutic targeting and opportunities in UB/UBL pathways.


Program Topics

  • Writers and Erasers of ubiquitin and ubiquitin family members
  • UB/UBL-based mechanisms of development and disease
  • UBLs, chains, and compartmentalization
  • Macromolecular machines involved in UB/UBL biology and protein degradation
  • Protein quality control and cellular stress
  • Therapeutic targeting and tools involving UB/UBL biology


Early Registration Deadline: Sunday, April 28, 2024


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