Custom rabbit polyclonal antibody service for your research!


The rabbit polyclonal antibody is a collection of antibodies produced by different B cells in a rabbit, which recognize multiple epitopes (or sites) on the same antigen. Rabbits are commonly used as laboratory animals for producing polyclonal antibodies because of their ability to create a large volume of antibodies. These antibodies are generated by injecting an immunogen into rabbits and then isolating and purifying the antibodies from their serum after several weeks. Rabbit polyclonal antibodies have various applications, including research, diagnostics, and therapeutic purposes.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. can provide quality-assured custom polyclonal antibody (pAbs) services, including the customized protocol for rabbit immunization, serum collection and titer analysis for rabbit antibody production, plus extension possibilities.



Service Workflow:

1. Antigen design and synthesis: Our team will work with you to design and synthesize the optimal antigen for your target protein or peptide.

2. Immunization: We will immunize rabbits with the synthesized antigen to generate a strong immune response.

3. Antibody production: After immunization, we will collect serum from the rabbits and purify the polyclonal antibodies.

4. Quality control and validation: We will perform stringent quality control tests and validate the specificity and sensitivity of the antibodies.

5. Delivery: Once the antibodies have passed our quality control tests, we will deliver them with a comprehensive report.


Key Features:

- Custom antigen design and synthesis

- High-quality rabbit immunization and antibody production

- Comprehensive quality control and validation

- Competitive pricing and fast turnaround time

- Expert technical support and customer service



Western blotting




- Immunoprecipitation

Flow cytometry


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