The Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Cell Development and Function Conference


The Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Cell Development and Function Conference explores the fundamental mechanisms that control gene expression, differentiation, genome architecture, and function in diverse cell types in the immune system on November 5, 2023 - November 9, 2023, in Sacramento, California.

A primary goal is to illuminate overlapping and contrasting molecular mechanisms to better understand the complex regulatory circuits that control development and function across the spectrum of immune cell types. The program aims to reveal unexpected synergies between areas of molecular immunology that are often treated as being distinct.

This field is being revolutionized by the discoveries of "signature" transcriptional/signaling network interactions that sustain each of a variety of diverse immune cell identities, and by powerful new approaches for defining immune cell specification, diversification, and function with unprecedented depth of molecular detail. 

New findings about the lineages of immune cells have enabled transcriptional regulatory bridges to be formed that connect stem cells to subsequent lineage commitment decisions, more clearly in the immune system than in any other natural developmental system. 

The functional output of immune cells can increasingly be linked to underlying gene expression patterns and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms. New genomic and single-cell technologies and computational approaches are allowing these networks of transcriptional regulatory mechanisms to be translated into the human immune system, offering a detailed understanding of how these networks are affected in disease.


Program Details


The conference's main themes are:

1) Explore how molecular interactions, epigenetics, and chromatin architecture control gene expression, recombination, and cellular development and function;

2) Understand the transcriptional regulatory circuits that control immune cell differentiation and function;

3) Discuss molecular and systems-level approaches to understanding how gene regulation and cellular identity in immune cells is linked with disease.


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