Nuclear Bodies: Hubs of Genomic Activity


Nuclear Bodies: Hubs of Genomic Activity will continue to bring together investigators across the globe focusing on molecular biology, cell biology, and biophysics of bodies situated within the cell nucleus on June 2, 2024- June 7, 2024 at Niagara Falls, New York. These research subjects are considered separate from the chromosomes but operate in conjunction with the genome, including within pathological states, with this year's conference focusing primarily on cancer topics.


Goals and Takeaways


· Acquire the latest information on new and state-of-the-art imaging practices and tools.

· How single molecule detection works within this discipline.

· Understand the latest findings on genome-nuclear body functional interactions.

· Had the opportunity to network and collaborate with members of the nuclear body research community.


Program Topics


· The Nucleolus

· Nucleoplasmic Bodies

· Nuclear Bodies and Cancer

· RNA Bodies

· Biophysics and Phase Transitions of Nuclear Bodies


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