Phage Display Service Promotion


Alpha Lifetech Inc. has been engaged in protein expression services for many years, and our scientists have rich experience. With our proprietary Codon Optimization Technology, Alpha Lifetech Inc. has extremely promoted the expression level of target recombinant proteins in most systems including E. coli, yeast and mammalian host. We are glad to help customers with our well-established protein expression systems: Corynebacterium Expression System, Filamentous Fungi Expression System, Insect Cell (nonlytic) Expression System, Pseudomonas Fluorescens Expression System, Yeast Expression System, Prokaryotic (E. coli) Expression System, Mammalian Expression System, Insect Expression (lytic) Expression System.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. also developed and commercialized an integrated service covering native or synthesized library construction and screening, generation of specific monoclonal antibodies, antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation based on our phage display platform for scientists from the world.



The phage display technique allows the creation of libraries which contain up to 1012 different variants and could be used for affinity screening of combinatorial peptide libraries to study protein-ligand interactions and to characterize these ligands, receptor and antibody-binding sites, define epitopes for monoclonal antibodies, select enzyme substrates and screen cloned antibody repertoires. One of the most widely used library methodologies is based on the use of filamentous phage (e.g., M13), a virus that lives on E. coli and one of the most successful applications of phage display has been the isolation of monoclonal antibodies using large phage antibody libraries. For example, antibodies derived from a native antibody library of human and other species.

Alpha Lifetech launched a series promotion activity from new year of 2023, M13 phage library construction and screening service for single target is offered at

 $18,000-$28,000. Please contact our technical support to get a customized quotation.