The Gastrointestinal Epithelium Conference: Interface with the Outside World


The Gastrointestinal Epithelium Conference: Interface with the Outside World, developed to complement the long-standing FASEB Gastrointestinal SRC, focuses on the gastrointestinal epithelial lining from the esophagus to the colon on September 17, 2023- September 21, 2023, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

Current research into the growth, regeneration, and host-pathogen interactions that govern the health of the gastrointestinal epithelium is progressing at a rapid pace and new technologies are constantly being developed. The program is designed to promote interaction and collaboration of basic scientists, clinicians, and those in biotechnology to improve our understanding of intestinal disease and to promote the development of potential treatments. 


Program Details


Conference sessions will present the latest research and promote discussion on:

• Development, differentiation, and regeneration of the GI epithelium

• Interactions between different populations of epithelial cells and epithelial cells and immune cells

• Signaling in the GI epithelium

• Host-pathogen interactions in the GI epithelium

• Emerging technologies in the study of the GI epithelium


The conference covers nine sessions, 32 abstract presentations, and two "Meet the Expert" sessions: a discussion with senior investigators focused on critical questions and the strategies to address them; and a panel led by junior investigators who will discuss emerging technologies that can enrich research programs. The program includes Career Development Workshops for young investigators that feature in-depth, small-group discussions with senior investigators about issues that emerge at different points in one's career. 

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