The Optical Probes Conference: Discovery to Application


This inaugural Science Research Conference (SRC) provides a platform for probe developers and probe users to share knowledge, expertise, and challenges that can guide the development of probes towards new and more critical biochemical targets and accelerate their adoption by biomedical and clinical researchers.

The conference brings together scientists engaged in a wide range of probe development and application efforts. Speakers and attendees will include a broad community of synthetic/physical organic chemists, protein design experts, and biology/biophysics application-oriented scientists.

The discovery of novel fluorescent probes underpins the development of biological sensing applications. The program will highlight the breadth of approaches being taken in this area, with the goal of enabling cross-fertilization between complementary fields.

The main conference themes include: 1) Development of novel super resolution methods; 2) Strategies that combine protein and small molecule components; 3) Whole organism imaging approaches; 4) Advanced imaging techniques and hardware.


Conference sessions will present the latest research and promote discussion on:

• New imaging methods

• Fluorescent protein-based biosensors

• Chemogenetics and site-specific labeling

• New directions for small-molecule organic probes

• Probes for super-resolution microscopy

• Responsive fluorescent probes

• Metal-based probes

• Strategies for targeting

• Chemiluminescence and bioluminescence

Please visit the link to learn more about the conference: The Optical Probes Conference: Discovery to Application