The RNA Processing in Cancer Conference: From Bench to Bedside


The RNA Processing in Cancer Conference explores how RNA processing contributes to cancer and how this process can be targeted for the development of novel cancer therapeutics from November 12,2023- November 16,2023 in Houston, Texas.

Alterations in RNA processing have recently emerged as a new cancer hallmark and a promising target for cancer therapies. The conference will bring together cancer researchers, RNA scientists, clinicians, and drug development companies. The program's main goals are to accelerate the translation of fundamental advances into novel clinical cancer therapeutics, and to encourage and support junior investigators/trainees, women, and minority scientists to continue pursuing research at the intersection of RNA and cancer.


Program Details


The main themes are: 1) Defining the role of RNA processing in cancer initiation, progression, and drug responses; 2) Identifying novel therapeutic strategies to target RNA processing defects in cancer; 3) Fostering new national and international collaborative projects.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:

• RNA splicing in cancer

• RNA modifications in cancer

• Translation control in cancer

• Detecting RNA processing using high-throughput technologies

• RNA processing and the immune system

• Molecular condensates and cancer

• Therapeutic targeting of RNA processing in cancer


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