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Phage display technology is a molecular biology technique that uses bacteriophages to connect proteins with the genetic information that encodes them, allowing the study of protein-protein, protein-peptide, and protein-DNA interactions. The working principle of this technology is that by modifying phage genomes, the coat proteins of assembly virions are fused to other interested proteins or peptides, and they are displayed to the external milieu to identify ligands of proteins and other macromolecules. The core of phage display technology is to be able to express peptide or protein sequences as fusions with coat proteins of a bacteriophage. Phage display technology has revolutionized the field of antibody engineering and selection. By harnessing the potential of bacteriophages, researchers can rapidly identify and isolate target-specific antibodies from vast libraries. Alpha Lifetech Inc., a frontrunner in phage display and antibody engineering, is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in this domain.


ScFv fragment (single chain fragment variable) is the smallest unit of the immunoglobulin molecule (except nanobodies) with function in antigen-binding activities and allows protein engineering to improve the properties of scFv such as increase of affinity and alteration of specificity. ScFv antibodies have gained popularity due to their smaller size, increased tissue penetration, and lower immunogenicity compared to conventional antibodies. In Alpha Lifetech Inc., scFv antibodies have been constructed mainly from hybridoma, spleen cells from immunized mice, and B lymphocytes from humans. Total RNA or mRNA is first isolated from hybridoma, spleen, lymph cells and bone morrow cells followed by reverse transcribed into cDNA to serve as a template for antibody genes amplification (PCR).

With years of experience from antibody affinity maturation to high-level expression of recombinant protein, we are proud to offer comprehensive scfv library construction services to meet the diverse needs of global scientists. Moreover, Alpha Lifetech Inc. has a deep understanding of the engineering scFv for improved stability, yield and function. Our team of experienced scientists employs advanced techniques, including directed evolution and rational design, to optimize scFv antibodies for various applications.

By leveraging experience and cutting-edge facilities, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can help you achieve your research and innovation goals. We ensure that you can receive the highest quality scFv antibody library tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us at any time, our sales representative or technical support manager will prepare a detailed quote accordingly.