Custom Fc Fusion Protein Production Services

Alpha Lifetech Inc. has extensive experience in one-stop expression of antibodies and recombinant proteins including recombinant antibodies. We are provide scientists worldwide with intact services covering DNA plasmid construction, peptide synthesis, hybridomas production and recombinant antibody/protein expression in different host species to scientists from world.

Recombinant Proteins Production – Fc Fusion Protein Production Services

The Fc fragment brings a variety of benefits to its fused proteins and peptides. Fc-fused proteins can be simply and efficiently purified with protein A or protein G, accurately quantified and captured in receptor-ligand affinity measurement. Fc-fused proteins significantly improve their pharmacokinetic property in cells, because the Fc fragment can reduce the effect of proteolytic degradation and keeps a long half-life period in cells. It means that Fc can increase the plasma half-life of Fc fusion proteins due to interaction with the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) and their larger size.

We have created a series of shuttle vectors for expressing recombinant proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic host cells, such as E. coli, CHO and HEK293 cells, because those vectors contain elements that can help them replicate numbers in E. coli and transiently express recombinant proteins in CHO and HEK 293 cells.


Program Features:

-- High yield: up to 25 mg Fc-fused Proteins per liter cell supernatants

-- Eukaryotic expression system: CHO, HEK293 and insect cell (option)

-- Multiple Fc backbones options: (Not limited to)

*Human IgG1-Fc, IgG2-Fc, IgG3-Fc, IgG4-Fc

*Mouse IgG1-Fc, IgG2a-Fc, IgG2b-Fc, IgG3-Fc

*Rat IgG1-Fc, IgG2a-Fc, IgG2b-Fc, IgG3-Fc

*Rabbit IgG-Fc

*Alpaca IgG-Fc

*Canine IgG-Fc

-- Protein A or protein G purification: high purity (>98%)

-- Native conformation and short turnaround time

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