Membrane Proteins

Membrane proteins (MPs) are located in cellular and organellular membranes and the external layers of enveloped viruses. MPs have structural and functional roles that include energy metabolism, signal transduction, transport, the immune response, and many enzymatic processes.

Membrane proteins play a crucial role in numerous biological processes, making them essential for understanding cellular functions and serving as targets for drug discovery. Alpha Lifetech Inc. is committed to providing high-quality membrane protein products for researchers and scientists all over the world.

Our expert team of scientists at Alpha Lifetech Inc. utilizes advanced expression, purification, and characterization techniques to produce a comprehensive range of membrane protein products, including G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels. We offer native and recombinant membrane proteins from various species and expression systems.


Fig. 1 Schematic representation of transmembrane proteins (The membrane is represented in light-brown): ① a single transmembrane alpha-helix (bitopic membrane protein) ② a polytopic transmembrane alpha-helical protein ③ a polytopic transmembrane beta-sheet protein


The functions of membrane proteins:


Enzymatic functions: These types of enzyme membrane proteins can perform the steps of a specific metabolic pathway.

Transport: Membrane proteins can allow hydrophilic molecules through the cell membrane.

Signal transduction: Some membrane proteins may have a binding site. These binding sites are characterized by their specific forms which correspond to those of a chemical messenger.

Cell Recognition: Membrane proteins also play a role in cell recognition. This function is important in the immune system as it allows the body to identify foreign cells that may cause infection.


The key features of our membrane protein products:


High purity and stability: Our membrane proteins are subject to strict quality control measures to ensure high purity, stability, and biological activity.

Wide range of formats: We offer membrane proteins in various forms, such as purified proteins, overexpressing cell lines, and membrane preparations, to meet different research needs.

Customizable solutions: Our experienced scientists can develop custom membrane protein products according to your unique specifications, including specific expression systems, tags, or mutations.

Expert technical support and customer service: From product selection to troubleshooting, we provide excellent technical support and customer service throughout your research journey.


Fig. 2 Schematic diagram of GPCR mediated transmembrane signal transduction

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