Insect Cell free Expression Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. focuses on recombinant proteins' expression in different Biosystems for many years, including prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, as well as the development of novel high-potency recombinant proteins.

Cell-free Protein Expression System--- Insect Cell-free Expression of Recombinant Proteins

Alpha Lifetech Inc. provides clients with a reliable expression of membrane proteins to meet native configuration and functional requirements by using a cell-free protein expression system. Insect Cell-free Expression System (ICE) is the most widely used eukaryotic system. Concerning glycosylation, ICE has the advantage over the Rabbit Reticulocyte Cell-free Expression System (RRC) as using ICE, the core glycosylation does not require the addition of microsomal membranes, which have been shown to provide the compartmentalization and enzymes needed for proper post-translational modifications in RRC. A high level of protein produced in ICE, we modified Spodoptera frugiperda cells by mutating the genes of proteinases and extracting ingredients from this cell line, and also constructed a vector template with the 5'-UTR fragment of polyhedrin gene from baculovirus. By doing so, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can reach a yield of recombinant membrane protein of 2.5-6.2 mg/ml in 24 hours.


Fig.1 One-step Expression of Insect Cell-free Expression System


According to different applications, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can express recombinant proteins, especially membrane proteins, as a form of precipitation without detergents or solubilized form in up to 24 detergents. (For more information, please feel free to contact us)

Features of Mammalian Cell-Free Expression System:

-- High Success Rate: more than 95%

-- High Yield: up to 6.2 g/L

-- Precipitation/High Solubility

-- Full Length of Recombinant Antibody/Proteins Expression

-- More Core Glycosylation and other Modifications

-- No Endogenous Mammalian Proteins