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Peptide Structure Modification

Alpha Lifetech Inc. provides high-quality peptide synthesis, peptide library customization and array services for our clients. We deliver satisfaction through sustained customer focus from inquiry to delivery and use of our reagents and services. 


Chemical Modification and Labels of Proteins


Chemical modification of proteins is an important tool for probing natural systems, creating therapeutic conjugates and generating novel protein constructs. Site-selective reactions require exquisite control over both chemoselectivity and regioselectivity, under ambient, aqueous conditions.


Four protein chemical targets account for the vast majority of cross-linking and chemical modification technologies:

-- Primary amines (–NH2): This group exists at the N-terminus of each polypeptide chain and in the side chain of lysine (Lys, K) residues

-- Carboxyls (–COOH): This group exists at the C-terminus of each polypeptide chain and in the side chains of aspartic acid (Asp, D) and glutamic acid (Glu, E)

-- Sulfhydryls (–SH): This group exists in the side chain of cysteine (Cys, C)

-- Carbonyls (–CHO): These aldehyde groups can be created by oxidizing carbohydrate groups in glycoproteins


For each of these protein functional-group targets, there are one to several types of reactive groups that are capable of targeting and have been used as the basis for synthesizing cross-linking and modification molecules.


 Service Specification: whole protein modification and labeling service item

N terminus Modification Isotope labeling
C terminus Modification Multiple Antigen Proteins (MAPs) & Carrier Proteins Labeling
Fluorescence/Dye Labeling Paramagnetic Labels
Quenched Fluorescent Peptide Labeling Spacers and Linkers Modification
Quantum Dots Labels BSA, KLH and OVA Conjugation
N-Methyl Amino Acids Labeling Homo Amino Acid Labeling