A Brief Overview of Human Primary Cells


Human primary cells are cells isolated directly from human tissues. The majority of human primary cells are terminally differentiated cells with a highly specific type and high level of function. They closely mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo and are expected to maintain their in vivo functions under optimal conditions for a short period of time. Human primary cells are established as an important tool for in vitro cell-based assays or for generating in vivo models. The primary cells present several advantages over immortalized cell lines, including a better representation of the cellular heterogeneity of tissues, a more faithful transcriptomic and proteomic profile and more realistic functional responses.

Isolated human primary cells need to be placed in an environment which can sustain them successful proliferation. Human primary cells can be divided into two groups:

Adherent – Also known as anchor-dependent cells, these cells need to be grown on a substrate that allows cell adherence. Most human primary cells belong to this category. The growth of these cells is bound to be restricted by the adhering surface.

Suspension – Also called anchorage independent cells, they are suspended in a type of liquid medium. The medium must be continually shaken to ensure adequate cell growth. They have a tendency to produce higher yields than adhering cells.

Both types of cells require optimal environmental conditions and attention to detail.




Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers hundreds of human primary cells for the study of biological processes, such as studies of cell communication, developmental biology, and the mechanisms in biological processes. The primary cells are isolated from various tissues including aorta, ventriclekidneylung, skeletal muscle and skin. Classified by cell type, our human primary cell portfolio includes epithelial cellsfibroblastskeratinocytesmelanocytes, endothelial cellsmuscle cells, etc. In addition, custom products are available for non-standard cell types according to your specific requirements.

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