Primary Cell Culture Tips


Primary cells refer to cells that are isolated or harvested directly from living tissue or organs. Primary cells closely mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo and are expected to maintain their in vivo functions under optimal conditions for a short period of time. The primary cells present several advantages over cell lines, including a better representation of the cellular heterogeneity of tissues, a more faithful transcriptomic and proteomic profile and more realistic functional responses.

Primary cell culture refers to the culturing of cells directly isolated from tissue or organs. Tissue masses are disaggregated using chemical, mechanical or enzymatic methods to break-up tissues and obtain viable cells. The cells are then induced to grow in culture vessels based on cell characteristics. Some primary cells culture tips are as follows.

Primary Cell Culture Tips

Basic Safety Measures

-- It is imperative to comply with relevant ethical regulations.

-- Cell culture researchers are responsible for the safe disposal of all biological waste in accordance with the biomedical waste guidelines.

-- Tissues must be tested for a variety of infections such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV, etc., prior to use.

-- Media and equipment must be autoclaved or disinfected prior to and after use to reduce micro-organism infection.

-- Routine mycoplasma tests need to be performed as they may be used as an indicator of good culture practices.

Cell Growth Requirements

Because the risk of contamination of primary cell culture is higher, it is essential to add antibiotics to the growth medium. To expand life span, the manipulation skills of cell culture should be excellent. In addition, appropriate cultivation conditions such as pH, growth factors, temperature and nutrient are essential. It is recommended to use the aseptic technique.

Cryopreservation of Cells

Cryopreservation is the method of conservation of living cells at low temperature for increasing the lifespan of primary cells. Proper cryopreservation of cells is essential to minimize cell damage and death during experimental processes.




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