CHO Cell free Expression Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. focuses on recombinant proteins' expression in different biosystems for many years, including prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, as well as the development of novel high-potency recombinant proteins.


Cell-free Protein Expression System (CFPS) - CHO Cell-free Expression of Recombinant Proteins/Antibodies



Alpha Lifetech Inc. created a powerful vector system to express human-like recombinant proteins, like double-polar proteins (membrane proteins) and other proteins required special modifications, case by case. We have premade vectors which combined the intergenic region (IGR) of the cricket paralysis virus (CrPV) and the encephalomyocarditis virus internal ribosomal entry site (IRES), named CrPV-IGR/IRES motif that shows to function efficiently in a broad range of eukaryotic cell lysates.

Compared with HeLa Cell-free Expression System, the CHO Cell-Free Expression System (CCE) also uses CrPV-IGR/IRES vector that functions without the need for any limiting initiation factors, such as eIF2α. But CHO cell extract contains translocationally active microsomes that are capable of performing glycosylation, as has been demonstrated by the analysis of human erythropoietin. These microsomes can further be used for the embedment of membrane-spanning proteins into the lipid bilayers for advanced functional studies. Table 1 shows the features of CHO CFPS: 


 Table 1

Rabbit Reticulocyte Cell-free System

Hela Cell-Free System

CHO Cell-Free System





Protein Modification

Limited glycosylation

Moderated Glycosylation/Phosphorylation

High Glycosylation/Phosphorylation

Protein Integrity

Full/part length

Full/part length

Full/part length

Protein Activity

Native conformation




> 90%

> 95%

> 95%

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Features of CHO CFPS Service:


-- Precipitation/High Solubility

-- Full Length of Recombinant Antibody

-- Integral Membrane proteins/Toxic proteins

-- Difficult-to-express proteins

-- Post-translationally modified proteins

-- Proteins with advanced biochemical properties


Moreover, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can express recombinant proteins, especially membrane proteins, in a form of precipitation without detergents or a solubilized form in 24 detergents in cell-free systems, depending on the application.

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