Membrane Protein Production in Liposomes

Alpha Lifetech Inc. is one of the leading manufactures providing high-quality protein services to meet various requirements of each project. The use of liposomes makes the production of recombinant membrane proteins more efficient, saving researchers time and cost.


Membrane Protein Production in Liposomes


Liposomes consist of amphipathic phospholipid bilayers that have been used for solubilizing membrane proteins in a cell-free expression system, where the proteins are integrated into the liposomes (artificial phospholipid bilayer, also termed proteoliposome) to form protein-lipid complexes (figure 1).

Fig. 1 the Schematic of Proteins Expressed in Micelle Form


The expression of membrane proteins in a soluble form is a very challenging task either using cell-based methods or cell-free systems. To solve this problem and purify membrane protein in a native-like form, Alpha Lifetech Inc. creates the most up-to-date platform to cooperate with the cell-free systems for the production of soluble recombinant protein by adding liposome to the mixtures.

In addition, lipids can be easily modified during the production process and membrane proteins produced in liposomes have a wide range of applications in, but not limited to:

-- 2D-Crystallography

-- Small Molecule delivery

-- Freeze-fracture scanning electron microscope

-- Solid state NMR

-- Transport assays


Please note that we can express the recombinant protein in a detergent or detergent-free form (24 detergents). (For more information, please feel free to contact us).