Cell Immortalization Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. has rich experience in immortalized cell lines. With years of experience, our technical experts have successfully immortalized the cell types of humans, mouse and rat. And we have worked with bovine, chicken, sheep, pig and many other species.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. has advanced experimental technology in the direction of virus, skilled in the virus isolation and culture with high success rate. Therefore, Alpha Lifetech Inc. has strong advantages in the construction of immortalized cell lines, and our success rate is higher. Alpha Lifetech Inc. has a variety of immortalization reagents for customers to choose from the immortalization cell line construction project. If you are not sure what may be suitable for your project, let our expert team choose the appropriate immortalization reagent for your project. Just send your primary cells to us and leave the rest to us! We have a good reputation in immortalized cell lines. Alpha Lifetech Inc. experts provide customers with reliable and risk-free cell immortalization services, saving you time and energy.


Necessity of cell immortalization research:


As primary cells age after a limited number of population multiplication, researchers often need to re-establish fresh cultures from explants - a cumbersome process that may also increase the significant difference between cultures from one preparation to another. To obtain consistent materials throughout the research project, researchers need primary cells or immortalized cells with expanded replication ability. The ideal immortalized cells are those that can not only expand and proliferate, but also have the same genotype and phenotype as their parent tissues.


Cell immortalization methods:


There are several ways to immortalize mammalian cells under culture conditions.

--Simian virus 40 (SV40) cell immortalization system

--HTERT cell immortalization system

--HPV E6 / E7 cell immortalization system

--EBV cell immortalization system

--Myct58a cell immortalization system

--Rasv12 cell immortalization system


Service Content:


--Viral transduction on primary cells submitted

--Immortalized cell line construction services

--Confirmation of immortalized cells by  qRT-PCR

--Passaging QC to confirm cells can be propagated for 12~15 passages

--Expansion & Cryopreservation and delivery of cells


Customer Provides:


--Cells required by customers, at least 4 tubes (> 1 x 106 cells / tube), dry ice transportation

--It is necessary to provide literature cultivation conditions or clearly inform the cultivation conditions

--Alpha Lifetech Inc. also provides cell production services (please contact our staff for details)

If your cells need media other than DMEM and RPMI, we will need 1-2 L media and any applicable growth factors you provide for the project.




--Provide 2 tubes (> 1 x 106 cells / tube) of immortalized cells

--Service report includes:

a. Morphology Assessment

b. q-PCR Analysis

c. Test results for the presence/absence of microbial contaminants


Service Highlights:


--Flexibility: provide different immortalization methods according to customer needs

--Characterization: PCR analysis of transgene expression

--Experimental period: 2-5 months, depending on the immortalization method, source cell and species