Overexpression Cell Lines Generation Service

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Stable Cell lines Construction - Over-expression of Stable Cell lines


Alpha Lifetech Inc. uses two powerful recombinase systems, FRT/Flp-In recombinase and Cre/lox- In recombinase, to stable over-expressed cell lines for our clients. We use two site-specific tyrosine recombinases, Cre and Flp, to recognize and recombine their respective short cis-acting DNA target sequences: 34 bp loxP Recombination Target (Cre/lox- In recombinase) and 48 bp Flp Recombination Target (FRT/Flp-In recombinase system) by using adenoviral or lentiviral delivery system.

In order to match these two systems what has been described above, we deploy two pre-modified screening systems (Vector Complementary System: VCS), named MTX inhibits dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) in the MTX amplification system and methionine sulphoximine (MSX) inhibits GS in the GS system, both systems make use of a specific small molecule to inhibit a selectable enzyme marker essential for cellular metabolism. Alpha Lifetech Inc. has extensive experience to develop stable overexpression cell lines by using these two systems in CHO, HEK293 and NSO cell lines for recombinant antibodies and functional proteins production. For example, we have used FRT/Flp-In recombinase system to produce recombinant cells up to titer 8×107/mL and antibody yields of 1.8-6.2 grams/liter using chemically defined, animal component-free medium in suspension culture.


Figure 1 Construction and Screening Model of Gene Expression of Cell Lines


Service Features of Over-expression of Stable Cell lines


-- High Success Rate: >98%

-- Stable Gene Integration & High Interference Efficiency: RT-PCR Validation (> 80%)

-- High-quality Polyclonal Cell Lines or Monoclonal Cell Lines

-- Rigorously validated cell lines for accurate pharmacology

-- Single assay format for detection in agonist, antagonist, inverse agonist, and allosteric modulator modes

-- Chemiluminescent detection for fast and reliable results, suitable for automation

-- Broad applications ideal for small molecule and biologics screening or profiling

-- Multiple choices for vector delivery systems

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our scientists are glad to assist you with all your questions.

Besides, Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers knock-down service through RNA interference technology mediated by a lentivirus delivery system. Also, we provide cell validation services to our customers through STR sequence services.