Custom Camelid Polyclonal Antibody Service

As a leading supplier of antibody production, Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers high quality and competitive price of camel (alpaca/llama) antibody production services.


Antibody Production Service - Custom Camel (Alpaca/llama) Polyclonal Antibody Production Service


Camelid antibodies also named Heavy Chain Antibodies (hcAb), as they are composed of heavy chains only and are devoid of light chains. Although the antigen-antibody binding region of the hcAbs is composed of only three complementarity-determining regions (CDRs), it still has an antigen-binding ability comparable to that of an ordinary antibody. The Fab part is reduced to a single domain because of the absence of light chains of these antibodies. The single domain of hcAbs (nanobody) contains a complete antigen binding site and is the smallest functional antigen binding fragment (~ 15 kDa, only one tenth the size of a conventional antibody). Compared with conventional antibodies, nanobodies are exceptionally stable, withstanding conditions of extreme temperatures and pH.



Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers scientists with high-quality custom llama or cameloid polyclonal antibodies. We provide full-service in nanobody production.

The schematic model of camel polyclonal antibody (pAbs) production is shown below:

Antigen Preparation: antigen design & synthesis, hapten/small molecules modification (KLH, BSA, OVA, Hydralink-conjugated).

Antibody Production: 120-day immunization, serum titer detection by ELISA and bleed.

Antibody Purification: affinity purification (protein A/G), ion exchange and peptide affinity (ligand affinity purification) (optional).

Antibody Modification (optional): enzymes (HRP, AP, biotinylation), fluorescence groups (FITC), fusion protein tag, agarose bead, quantum dot, magnetic bead conjugation etc.


Service Features of custom Camel (Alpaca/llama) Polyclonal Antibody Production Service


-- High avidity and specificity

-- High antiserum titer: ~107 ELISA potency (viral antigen)

-- Large-scale production capability

-- Strict QC & QA and intact document support system

-- Excellent for screening antibody small molecule 

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