Custom Rodent Polyclonal Antibody Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s custom antibody development services including monoclonal and polyclonal antibody generation, production and modification services for many years. We provide a wide range of polyclonal antibody production in different species including New Zealand white rabbits, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, rats, mice and donkeys.


Antibody Production Service - Custom Rodent Polyclonal Antibody Production


Mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs are the most common host animals for polyclonal antibody production since these species have many good characteristics like easy feeding and strong reaction to a little number of antigens. Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s custom antibody production services allow you to direct the production of your desired antibody in murine. We offer the services include consultation, peptide or protein antigen production, antibody generation, purification, and conjugation of reporter molecules.  

The general workflow of custom murine polyclonal antibody is shown below:

Antigen Preparation: protocol design, antigen design & synthesis, hapten/small molecules modification (KLH, BSA, OVA, Hydralink-conjugated), other antigens like viruses, bacterium and whole cells preparation.

Antibody Production: 3 - 4 boost immunity, serum titer detection by ELISA and bleed.

Antibody Purification: affinity purification (protein A/G), ion exchange and peptide affinity (ligand affinity purification) (optional).

Antibody Modification (optional): enzymes (HRP or AP), fluorescence groups, agarose bead, quantum dot, magnetic bead conjugation etc.


Service Feature of Custom Rodent Polyclonal Antibody Production


-- High-quality polyclonal antibodies to tailor your requirements

-- Opportunities for you to perform sample testing at various stages

-- Excellent document support system and strict QC & QA

-- Excellent for ELISA kit development

-- Excellent for development of antibodies against small molecules or haptens

-- Multiple strategies are available

If you have any questions about the selection of antibody in your project, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.