Synthesized Antibody Libraries Construction

Alpha Lifetech Inc. can offer a state-of-the-art semi-synthesized/synthesized antibody library from animals and humans based on our professional phage display platform. With years of experience in genetic modification and library construction. Synthesized libraries can be constructed that are able to produce synthetic antibodies with affinities and specificities beyond the capacity of natural antibodies. Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s experts are proud to announce that we can guarantee a high success rate in the construction of antibody library containing 108 – 1010 independent clones. 


Phage Display Library – Semi-Synthesized/Synthesized Antibody Libraries Construction Service


Antibodies are built artificially by in vitro assembly of V-gene segments and D/J segments. V genes can be assembled by introducing a predetermined level of randomization into complementary determining regions (CDR) (and possibly also of bordering framework regions) into germline V-gene segments or rearranged V genes. The regions and degree of diversity may be chosen to correspond to areas in which the antibody repertoire is naturally the most diverse. Most natural structural and sequence diversity is found in the loop most central to the Ag-combining site, the CDR3 of the heavy chain; the five other CDRs have limited variation. CDR3 has therefore been the target for the introduction of diversity in the first synthetic libraries.

The distinction between naïve and synthetic Ab libraries depends on the source of immunoglobulin genes. Meanwhile, the difference between a semi-synthesized and fully synthesized antibody library lies on that the former one consists of part of natural antibody segments, such as light chain or heavy chain, only one of them is synthesized in vitro; while the fully synthesized one is totally derives from an artificial synthesis by PCR in vitro.

A synthetic antibody library is often used as a resource to isolate antibodies with nanomolar affinity. Alpha Lifetech Inc. provides customers with a one-stop design and synthesized service of antibody libraries by ligating the heavy and light chain V-gene repertoires into a phage vector using the Cre-lox site-specific recombination system to create a repertoire of Fabs displayed on phage comprising 6.5 × 1010 clones. The library yielded Abs against numerous antigens, some with nanomolar affinities. The generation of human antibody library based on M13 phage display technology (shown in the figure below).

Program Features & Applications


-- Excellent for High-affinity Antibody Generation

-- Large-size Fab, scFv and VHH Libraries

-- Isolation of Abs-special Antibodies

-- Selecting Antibodies to Cell-Surface/Tumor-associated Antigens

-- Antibody Affinity Maturation

-- Cost-Effective for manufacturing


Alpha Lifetech Inc. is proud to offer comprehensive antibody library construction services to meet the diverse needs of global researchers, including scFv, Fab, VHH Formats and customized library. Our aim is to understand and meet the demands of different customers and to assist with any upcoming and emerging problems in research work.

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