scFv Antibody Library Construction


Phage display technology has been widely used for the selection of fully human antibodies. As a leader in the field of phage display and antibody engineering, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can offer single-chain Fv antibody libraries from non-immunized animals and humans based on phage display technology. We also can provide you with engineering scFv for improved stability, yield and function to meet your requirements.


Phage Display Library – Single-chain Fv Antibody Library Construction Service


A single-chain antibody consists of an antibody variable light (VL) and heavy (VH) fragment joined by a flexible peptide linker, which can be easily expressed in a functional form on the surface of phage, and is therefore commonly known as a single-chain variable fragment (scFv). scFv fragment is the smallest unit of immunoglobulin molecule (except nanobodies) with function in antigen-binding activities and allows protein engineering to improve the properties of scFv (single chain fragment variable) such as increase of affinity and alteration of specificity. In Alpha Lifetech Inc., scFv antibodies have been constructed mainly from hybridoma, spleen cells from immunized mice, and B lymphocytes from humans. Total RNA or mRNA is first isolated from hybridoma, spleen, lymph cells and bone morrow cells followed by reverse transcribed into cDNA to serve as a template for antibody genes amplification (PCR).

The diversity of a library is determined by the number of independent clones. To produce a large-sized scFv antibody library, our scientists will utilize our proprietary two-step strategy for library generation. In the first step of the procedure described, primary repertoires are prepared from PCR products encoding the VH, Vκ, and Vλ domains, yielding typical medium-sized libraries (1 - 100 million clones). In the second step, VH (or VL) fragments are isolated by digestion of plasmid DNA purified from the primary repertoires and cloned into the acceptor phagemid vector containing the VL (or VH) repertoires. This innovation increases the size of the libraries dramatically (1010-1012 clones).


Engineering scFv for improved stability, yield and function


As we know, instability of the VH–VL interface due to exposed hydrophobic patches of the chains that favor aggregation, has been hypothesized to be the main cause of irreversible scFv inactivation. With years of experience from antibody affinity maturation to high-level expression of recombinant protein, Alpha Lifetech Inc. has a deep understanding of the engineering scFv for improved stability, yield and function, such as parameters including linker design, thermodynamically stable assay, ionic strength and pH.


Large-scale and high-throughput processing of scFvs


For large-scale preparation of scFvs, it is evident that the choice of expression host will have a significant impact on process design, downstream processing strategies and process cost. The choice of manufacturing route will be dependent on the relevance of post-translational modification and timeline for clinical development and economics, which are also essentially 'host system'-dependent. There is no universal expression system that ensures high product expression levels for a broad range of different antibodies or even proteins.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. is proud to offer comprehensive scfv library construction services to meet the diverse needs of global scientists. Our aim is to understand and meet the demands of different customers and to assist with any upcoming and emerging problems in research work.

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