Custom Hamster Monoclonal Antibody Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. is a leading manufacturer of off the shelf and custom antibodies over the past years. Our hybridoma and monoclonal antibody custom service are ideal for projects requiring high specificity and a low background. We offer hybridoma custom service in murine, as well as antibody characterization, validation optimization, and scale up.


Hybridoma Production – Hamster Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibodies


Hamsters, which are more evolutionarily distant from mice and rats, are able to avoid the limitation of conserved antigenic structures and their spleen cells can fuse with mouse myeloma cells to obtain hybridomas secreting hamster monoclonal antibodies. 



Alpha Lifetech Inc. has established a unique hybridoma platform to develop high-affinity monoclonal antibodies by using hamster hybridoma system. We use Armenian hamster as a resource of spleen cells and P3X63Ag8.6.5.3 myeloma (mouse) as a chaperone cell to create high-expression and high-affinity monoclonal antibodies. These fusion partners have been validated in our lab where they can produce stable hybrids and excrete high-level antibodies. For the definition of hamster lg subclasses, and for the cloning of hamster lg genes, hamster hybridomas would be a useful tool in the study of hamster alloantigens.


Program Features of Hamster Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibodies


-- Picomolar affinity and high specificity

-- Novel epitope recognition

-- Good resource for IgG and IgM production

-- Cross-reactive antibodies recognizing human proteins, mouse and rat orthologs

-- Excellent IHC results with formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue

-- Ability to generate large panels of bioactive antibodies

Our scientists have extensive experience in the field of cell culture and cell line generation, and we have produced a large number of antibodies and proteins through stable cell lines. Our specific biosimilar cell lines and hybridoma cell lines are available in-house, and we are also pleased to provide custom strains to meet our clients' individual requirement.

Please let's know if you have any questions and feel free to contact us at any time.