Custom Sheep Monoclonal Antibody Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. created a sheep hybridoma technology to produce stable and productive cell lines that secrete sheep monoclonal antibodies (SMAs) of very high affinity. This technology based on the cell fusion between sheep spleen cell and myeloma cell, which is similar to the mouse hybridoma technology, except that the former is a hetero hybrid. Although sheep hybridoma is a heterogenous cell lines, this cell line can excrete the ultra-high affinity of monoclonal antibodies which facilitate the development of immunoassays requiring increased sensitivity and precision. In our lab, the affinity KD of sheep monoclonal antibodies (SMAs) to recognize their target is commonly 100-fold lower than mouse antibodies and rat antibodies. This indicates that sheep monoclonal antibodies can be good candidates of antibody small molecules. 

Sheep mAbs - compared to mouse mAbs - are almost always of a higher affinity and this can be useful in assays for analytes that are in serum at very low concentrations around 10-10 to 10-14 molar. In addition to this phenomenon of high affinity, sheep have been shown to have a much broader range of epitope recognition. This can be evidenced as a wide-ranging recognition of small linear epitopes by our Positional Peptide Library analysis - usually performed with overlapping and biotinylated peptides of 10-20 amino acids.


Program Features of Sheep Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibody Service


-- Picomolar affinity and high specificity

-- Exquisitely discriminate between closely related molecules such as small molecule derivatives

-- Good resource for humanized antibody production without affecting the antibody affinity

-- Cross-reactive antibodies recognizing human proteins and mouse orthologs

-- Ability to generate large panels of bioactive antibodies

In addition, Alpha Lifetech Inc. developed a powerful tool, namely phage display technology, together with flow cytometry technology to produce sheep, goat monoclonal antibodies and humanized chimeric monoclonal antibodies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.