Custom Rat Monoclonal Antibody Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. is capable of providing the whole service of murine hybridoma to worldwide scientists. These services include antigen design/synthesis, animal immunization, cell fusion and hybridoma selection/characteristics, with which we can specialize each project.


Hybridoma Production – Rat Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibodies


Rats have some intrinsic characteristics covering that rats have better immune response than mouse under certain antigen stimulation, especially proteins derive from human beings, because of these proteins from human have a higher homology with mouse. In this case, rat is regarded as a suitable host for hybridoma/monoclonal antibody production and a tool for yielding higher specificity and affinity monoclonal antibodies. Meanwhile, rats have a higher capacity of 50-100 ml ascites of each rat compared with 3-5 ml ascites of each mouse which means scientists could harvest monoclonal antibodies from the rat hybridoma not only with a big amount but also with a batch consistency.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. has established a unique hybridoma platform to develop high-affinity monoclonal antibodies in rats. We use Winstar strain of rats as a resource of spleen cells and IR 983F myeloma as a chaperone cell to create high-expression and high-affinity monoclonal antibodies. Compared with commonly used mouse antibodies, rat antibodies do not have the background cross-reaction problems in immune-detection of antigens out of a mouse background, such as a mouse antigen from a mouse animal model. Another reason is that antibodies against mouse protein are difficult to be raised in mice themselves. Furthermore, we have created IR 983F cell line with lower expression of α-1, 6-fucosyltransferase by using RNAi technology, because IR 938F as chaperone cell possessing lower level of α-1, 6-fucosyltransferase that could efficiently reduce glycosylation of antibody (similar to function of YB2/0 myeloma cell line fused with B lymphocytes). Therefore, antibodies from other species have to be considered and rat monoclonal antibodies are a good choice for yielding low glycol modification antibodies.



Program Features of Rat Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibodies


-- Picomolar affinity and high specificity

-- Ability to recognize subtle changes such as post-translational modifications

-- Novel epitope recognition

-- Good resource for diabody production

-- Cross-reactive antibodies recognizing human proteins and mouse orthologs

-- Excellent IHC results with formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue

-- Ability to generate large panels of bioactive antibodies

-- Idea antibody candidates for ADCC

The construction of hybridoma cell lines is a laborious and time-consuming job, we hope to free customers from this tedious work to a more challenge work by using our relevant services. Experts in Alpha Lifetech Inc. have extensive experience in the field of cell culture and cell line generation. We have developed several perfect stable cell lines and also produced a large number of antibodies and proteins through stable cell lines. Our specific biosimilar cell lines and hybridoma cell lines are available in-house, and we are also pleased to provide custom strains to meet our clients' individual requirement.

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