Monoclonal Antibody Production by DNA Immunization

Alpha Lifetech Inc. develops and offers a wide variety of services and products including antibodies, recombinant proteins & enzymes, libraries and stable cell lines for supporting every project. Now, we can provide you the direct DNA immunization technology to develop monoclonal antibodies.


Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibody Production – Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibodies Production by DNA Immunization


DNA Immunization Technology is a powerful tool to aid in custom antibody production against membrane proteins, other problematic antigens, as well as early DNA vaccine development studies. Immunization with DNA of interest can be accomplished by several methods and routes. There are often two kinds of strategies, namely saline injection, and gene gun inoculation, which have been used to immune host animals and then screen the positive B cell special for target antigen. Saline injection and gene gun inoculation differ in the efficiency of DNA delivery. In general, saline-DNA immunization uses 100- to 1000-fold more DNA than gene gun immunization to generate an equivalent antibody response. DNA immunization with Gene gun, which has been used by Alpha Lifetech Inc., directly transfects cells by depositing DNA-coated gold beads within the cell cytoplasm and induce immune system to produce a very strong Th2-mediated immune reaction.

This innovative DNA immunization technique allows antigen production to occur in vivo, bypassing the need to produce and purify protein antigen in vitro. Whether your antigen is a membrane protein or other challenging antigen, such as a toxic, unstable or insoluble protein that is difficult to express or purify, our experienced team of scientists will utilize a fully customizable DNA immunization approach to meet your specific research requirements. Besides, our superior codon optimized gene synthesis technology combined with our multiple host plasmid vectors and immunization protocols would be a guarantee to ensure antigen expression and transfection efficiency in vivo.


Program Features of Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibodies Production by DNA Immunization


-- Superior codon optimized gene synthesis technology ensures quality antigen production in vivo

-- Antibodies against native conformation: High affinity and high specificity

-- Ability to generate large panels of bioactive antibodies

-- Membrane proteins and other problematic antigens

-- Eliminates need to produce and purify target protein in vitro

-- Idea antibody candidates for antibody small molecule conjugates (ADCs)

-- Excellent for producing ELISA antibody pairs

-- Monoclonal antibodies with high-neutralizing titer

-- Optimized plasmid vectors and immunization protocols promote transfection efficiency

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