Custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc. created a unique monoclonal antibody technology for rabbit hybridoma production. By using this technique, we can offer you a high-affinity and high-specificity antibody hybrids to satisfy your projects in a short turnaround time.


Hybridoma Production – Rabbit Hybridoma & Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)


Rabbit monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have two major advantages compared with other mAbs, such as mouse and rat mAbs, in terms of high affinity and specificity. The KD of Rabbit mAbs is typically at picomolar level, while most mouse mAbs at nanomolar or sub-nanomolar level. The highly diverse rabbit immune system enables rabbit mAbs to distinguish very similar proteins or sequences. Furthermore, the rabbit immune system is able to recognize a wider range of epitopes, novel epitopes and small epitopes, even antigens that are not immunogenic in mice. So, rabbit monoclonal antibodies can be a good choice for your projects, such as anti-idiotype antibody development, immunohistochemistry (IHC), flow cytometry (FLC) and immunofluorescence (IF).

Now, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can provide custom rabbit monoclonal services based on cell fusion technology and phage display technology to develop more sensitive and diversified mAbs to satisfy the requirements in antibody development and in vitro diagnostics.


Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies Advantages and Program Features


Rabbit monoclonal antibodies have distinct advantages over traditional mouse monoclonal antibodies (hybridomas), including higher specificity, affinity (KD 10-12 M to 10-14 M) and ability to react to epitopes that are non-immunogenic in mice or rat. The advantages of rabbit monoclonal antibodies are summarized as follow:

-- Diverse Epitopes Distinguish Ability: Differentiate subtle structural variations

-- Antibody Affinity KD: 10-10 - 10-12 M, suitable for small molecule and low-abundance biomarker quantification, such as competitive ELISA development

-- Excellent Ratio of Signal/Noise

-- Excellent for Pathobiology Detection: WB, ELISA, FLC, IP, excellent IHC, ICC, diagnostic antibody and so on

-- Ideal for Post-translational Modification Detection

-- One-stop solution: From antigen synthesis/expression to antibody production

-- Fast turnaround time: We deliver antibody sequence and hybridoma clones within 5-6 months

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