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Gold nanoparticles, with their unique optical property, can be used as biosensors within living cells. They are also used in the field of photothermal therapy and drug delivery. Gold nanoparticles emit bright resonance lights of different wavelengths and colors depending on their size, shape, degree of aggregation, and the nature of the organic shells protecting them. Due to this property, gold particles have been widely used as probes in the sensing/imaging of a variety of targets/analysts, such as nucleic acid, proteins, and cells.



Fig 1 Scheme for Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis by the Brust Two-Phase Approach


The use of nanotechnology in cancer diagnosis and treatment is a promising field. It involves biology, medicine, chemistry and engineering. Nanoparticles have a smaller size than human cells or biological molecules, such as enzymes, receptors, and antibodies. These nanoparticles can interact with biomolecules on the cell surface as well as inside and this can help in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The conventional treatment for cancer involves surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Photothermal cancer therapy based on gold nanoparticles destroys cancer cells and tumors. When irradiated by significant, focused impulses with the correct wavelength, gold nanoparticles can destroy cancer cells.


Application of Gold Nanoparticles


--Heavy metal cation determination: Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are toxic substances that can be found in the environment. They pose health risks when they are present in drinking waters, even at low concentrations. Lead is particularly dangerous to children because it can cause mental retardation. Gold nanoparticles are used extensively in colorimetric sensors for the detection of metal ions.

--Detection of DNA/RNA

DNA/RNA detection schemes are based on the remarkable optical properties of AuNPs supplementary to the easiness of chemical functionalization through thiol ligands (e.g., thiol-modified oligonucleotides, antibodies, and other biomolecules). Recognition events occur at the nanoscale, i.e., in a one-to-one interaction between analytes and the nanoscale structures that act as signal transducers, allowing for increased sensitivity at lower costs.

--Protein analysis: In the field of electron and light microscopy, gold nanoparticles conjugated to antibodies are used for visualizing protein in biological samples.

--Enzymatic Activity Assay: It is essential to develop a highly sensitive method for the determination of enzyme activity and kinetic parameters. Scientists have created many strategies that take advantage of gold nanoparticles' optical and electronic properties. These strategies are a great improvement over the protein detection method that is limited to the production of high-quality antibodies and takes a lot of time.

--Analytical applications: Gold nanoparticles have unique electronic, magnetic, and optical properties, as well as excellent biocompatibility. This makes them an attractive material for biosensors, chemosensors, and electrocatalysts.



Fig 2 Formation procedure for different shapes of AuNPs.


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