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Alpha Lifetech Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in developing and producing sdAb-based traps for various applications. Our expertise in sdAb technology, facilities, and dedicated team of researchers allows it to provide high-quality sdAb-based traps to researchers and clinicians worldwide.



Fig.1 Possible orientations of sdAbs when conjugated onto the solid surface of the nanoparticle.


Introduction to Single Domain Antibody-Based Traps


Single-domain antibodies, known as nanobodies (Nbs), are antibody fragments consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. They are derived from heavy chain-only antibodies found in camelids (such as camels and llamas). These micromolecules can selectively bind to specific antigens with high affinity and are used in various applications, including diagnostics, therapeutics, and imaging. These unique molecules offer several advantages over conventional antibodies:

Small size: Nanobodies are around ten times smaller than conventional antibodies, allowing them to penetrate tissues and access epitopes inaccessible to larger molecules.

High stability: Nanobodies are highly stable, withstanding various temperatures and pH levels. This makes them particularly useful for applications requiring harsh conditions or long-term storage.

High specificity and affinity: Nanobodies can bind to their targets with high specificity and affinity, making them ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Ease of production: Nanobodies can be easily produced in bacterial or yeast expression systems, reducing production costs and time compared to conventional antibodies.

Therefore, single-domain antibody-based traps have become a valuable tool for the quantitative separation of fusion proteins and transient binding factors from various cell extracts and organelles. Our single domain antibody-based traps are compatible with various source materials and can be used in mammalian cells, tissues and organs, bacteria, yeast, and even plants.



Fig.2 Schematic flow of methods to generate Nbs, their characterization, and possible applications.


Advantages of Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s Single Domain Antibody-Based Traps


Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s sdAb-based traps offer several advantages over conventional antibody-based methods, including:

High specificity and affinity: Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s sdAb-based traps are designed to target and capture specific molecules with high specificity and affinity, ensuring accurate and reliable results in various applications.

Excellent stability and robustness: The company's sdAb-based traps are highly stable under various conditions, making them suitable for use in challenging environments and applications.

Customizability and versatility: Alpha Lifetech Inc. can develop sdAb-based traps that target a wide range of molecules, making them suitable for diverse applications in research and diagnostics.

Cost-effective and scalable production: Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s expertise in microbial expression systems allows for the cost-effective and scalable production of sdAb-based traps, ensuring a reliable supply of these innovative tools.



Fig.3 Schematic presentation of conventional, heavy chain and single-domain antibody.


Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers a comprehensive range of high-quality single domain antibody-based traps to support your research needs. Our team of experts can provide guidance on selecting the appropriate single domain antibody-based traps for your specific application and assistance with custom nanobody development.

By choosing Alpha Lifetech Inc. as your partner in nanobody research, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality products and services, backed by our commitment to advancing the biotechnology field. For more information on our products and services, please contact us. Our experts can assist you with your research needs and guide you in selecting the appropriate products for your specific applications.