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Nanoparticles are the simplest form of structures with sizes in the nanometer (nm) range, Nanotechnology has great application prospect in biomedicine industry. At present, nanoparticles related to biomedicine have been developed, including metal nanoparticles, polymer nanoparticles, quantum dots, liposomes, micelles, nanoassemblies and dendrimers.

The intrinsic characteristics of metal nanoparticles can be changed by adjusting the particle shape, size and aspect ratio. Metal nanoparticles are easy to synthesize and their functional characteristics make them have various applications in different fields of biomedicine, such as sensing, targeted drug delivery, imaging, photothermal and photodynamic therapy. Among metal nanoparticles, the application of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) is particularly significant.

The Gold Nanoparticles offered by Alpha Lifetech Inc. are expected to achieve efficient applications in the fields of biomedicine, bioanalysis and nanomaterials. Our technology for preparing gold nanoparticles can achieve the purpose of controlling the size, shape and monodispersion of nanoparticles. This is critical for many applications in life sciences diagnostics, imaging and therapy.

To meet customers' needs for nanomaterials, Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers spherical gold nanoparticles, gold nanorods, gold NanoUrchins, functionalized gold nanoparticles, gold conjugates and gold coupling kits.


Application of spherical gold nanoparticles


Spherical gold nanoparticles are composed of gold atoms, which are spherical or nearly spherical, with large surface-to-volume ratio, excellent stability, easy adjustment of surface charge, hydrophilicity and functionality. As a non-toxic drug carrier, gold nanoparticles are widely used in the biomedical field: due to their small size and large surface area, gold nanoparticles can easily cross the cell membrane and enter the cell interior. This makes them a very promising drug delivery system, which can accurately deliver drugs to the parts that need treatment, adjust the tumor microenvironment, and more importantly, enhance stability, increase payload capacity and cell uptake capacity. In addition, gold nanoparticles can also be used for biological imaging and diagnosis, because they can interact with biological macromolecules and generate specific optical signals.


Production of spherical gold nanoparticles


At present, the synthesis method commonly used to prepare spherical gold nanoparticles is: using citric acid as reducing agent and stabilizer, and treating hydrogen tetrachloroaurate (HAuCl4) in boiling water to prepare spherical gold nanoparticles. Among them, the particle size can be adjusted by adjusting the ratio of gold to citrate. This method can prepare a moderately stable diluted solution of spherical AuNPs with a diameter of 10 to 20 nanometers. When preparing large spherical gold nanoparticles, aggregation may occur and the process is irreversible. In order to solve this problem, a two-step functionalization reaction can be carried out by using surfactant Tween 20 to prevent aggregation or lipoic acid as an intermediate before modification.

Another method of synthesizing spherical gold nanoparticles is to prepare organic soluble alkanethiol-stabilized AuNPs by using tetraoctylammonium bromide (TOAB) as a phase transfer reagent and sodium borohydride (NaBH4) as a reducing agent . This method can prepare gold nanoparticles with low dispersibility by adjusting the ratio of gold-to-thiol, reaction temperature and reduction rate. These nanoparticles have excellent stability, good redispersion effect after drying, and are not easy to aggregate, so they are an excellent gold nanoparticle product.



Fig.1 Two synthesis methods of spherical gold nanoparticles

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