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Polyclonal antibodies are produced by immunizing an animal (usually a rabbit or goat) with a specific antigen. Alpha Lifetech Inc. can offer over 10,000 polyclonal antibodies from different species to satisfy the requirements of our customers. They can be used in various techniques such as Western blotting, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, and immunocytochemistry. The polyclonal antibodies we provide are validated through multiple applications and samples, strictly quality controlled and approved for research use.
Catalog Product Name Species Size Details
APAT10001 Guinea pig RABL2A pAb Mouse IgG MORE
APAT10002 Rabbit 22KD pAb Zea mays IgG MORE
APAT10003 Rabbit 27KD pAb Zea mays IgG MORE
APAT10004 Rabbit 3K pAb Oryza sativa IgG MORE
APAT10005 Rabbit 4-1BB/CD137 pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10006 Rabbit 4-1BBL/CD137L pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10007 Rabbit 53BP1 pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10008 Rabbit 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine/ 5hmC pAb IgG MORE
APAT10009 Rabbit 5-methylcytidine/m5C pAb IgG MORE
APAT10010 Rabbit 5-methylcytosine/5mC pAb IgG MORE
APAT10011 Rabbit A1BG pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10012 Rabbit A1CF pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10013 Rabbit A2M pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10014 Rabbit A2ML1 pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10015 Rabbit A4GALT pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10016 Rabbit A4GNT pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10017 Rabbit AAAS pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10018 Rabbit AADAC pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10019 Rabbit AADAT pAb Human IgG MORE
APAT10020 Rabbit AAMP pAb Human IgG MORE