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Cancer cell lines are valuable in vitro model systems that are widely used in cancer research and drug discovery. To accelerate the cancer biological research, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can provide thousands of cancer cell lines for researchers focused on specific cancer diseases (e.g., primary renal cell adenocarcinoma, thyroid carcinoma, lung carcinoma, epidermoid carcinoma, and prostate cancer). Our cancer cell lines are suitable for use in a variety of in vitro cell-based assays, such as PCR, Western Blot (WB), Immunoprecipitation (IP) and Flow Cytometry (FC).
Catalog Product Name Species Quantity Details
ATCS1001 293 Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1002 1590 Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1003 5637 Homo sapiens (Human) Urinary bladder carcinoma MORE
ATCS1004 143B Homo sapiens (Human) Osteosarcoma MORE
ATCS1005 143B TK Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1006 22Rv1 Homo sapiens (Human) Prostate carcinoma MORE
ATCS1007 293T Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1008 2B4 Homo sapiens (Human) Epithelial MORE
ATCS1009 2BS Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1010 5-8F Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1011 769-P Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1012 786-O Homo sapiens (Human) Primary renal cell adenocarcinoma MORE
ATCS1013 8305C Homo sapiens (Human) Thyroid carcinoma MORE
ATCS1014 95-D Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1015 A172 Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1016 A-204 Homo sapiens (Human) Rhabdomyosarcoma MORE
ATCS1017 A2058 Homo sapiens (Human) Human metastatic melanoma MORE
ATCS1018 A2780 Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1019 A2780+GFP Homo sapiens (Human) MORE
ATCS1020 A3 Homo sapiens (Human) MORE