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Antibody Library Construction Service

With years of providing antibody discovery services, Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers a unique approach to library creation. Alpha Lifetech Inc. can offer native, semi-synthesized and fully synthesized antibody libraries from non-immunized/immunized animals based on phage display technology. Our antibody discovery R&D team is professional in generating different types of libraries.


Phage Display Library – Antibody (Abs) Library Construction Service


Phage display is one of the most effective molecular diversity techniques in new target discovery and target panning. An antibody library (Abs library) is a repertoire of various combinations of the variable region of the light chain and variable region of the heavy chain. Because of being capable of maintaining the diversity of the heavy chain variable region at a high ratio in vitro, the antibody library is expected as enabling the acquisition of antibodies with various binding activities, such as the high-avidity monoclonal antibody.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. develops some effective display formats for Abs in a library where antibody variable regions (single-chain Fv), Fabs, immunoglobulin variable fragments (Fvs) with an engineered intermolecular disulfide bond to stabilize the VH-VL pair and diabody fragments.

We collect the Ab genes from hybridomas or cloned B cells or stimulated B-cell cultures from human, murine, rabbit, goat, canine, chicken, goose, pig, ferret, alligator, bovine, non-human primate, donkey, horse, ostrich, sheep etc., and then clone them into a high-efficiency phagemid vector and form antibody library based on our phage display technology.

Fig. 3 Construction of a human Ab library displayed on phage.


Phage display also plays a very important role when generating monoclonal antibodies and improving their affinity, cloning antibodies from unstable hybridoma cells and identifying mimotopes, epitopes, and functional or accessible sites from immunogens. Techniques originating from phage display have been applied to many areas including transfusion medicine, neurological disorders, and tissue homing of peptides. Phage display technology is also a powerful technique for immunotherapy.

Alpha Lifetech Inc. offers a broad range of services for the development and production of monoclonal antibodies. We can provide custom services from recombinant mAbs, humanized antibodies, chimeric antibodies, nanoantibodies (diabody, VHH) to single-domain antibody. 

Alpha Lifetech Inc. is proud to offer comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of global clients. Our aim is to understand and meet the demands of different customers and to assist with any upcoming and emerging problems in research work.


Service Features & Applications


-- Excellent for the generation of High-affinity Recombinant Antibodies

-- Library Capability:  107 – 1010

-- Excellent for High-throughput and High-content Screening

-- Multiple species options for the production of Native Antibodies

-- Construction of Native/Non-native Fab, scFv and VHH Libraries

-- The Recovery of Immunoglobulin Sequences from Single Human B Cells by Clonal Expansion

-- Isolation of Anti-Hapten Specific Antibody

-- Isolation of Human Monoclonal Antibodies

-- Selecting Antibodies to Cell-Surface/Tumor-associated Antigens

-- Generation of Bispecific and Tandem Diabodies 


Please feel free to contact us at any time, our sales representative or technical support manager will prepare a detailed quote accordingly.