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Recombinant Protein Expression Services


As one of the premier protein suppliers, Alpha Lifetech Inc. can provide a variety of recombinant protein & antibody expression platforms along with a host of other protein services like chemical protein synthesis, protein characterization and protein refolding services. Meanwhile, our protein production capabilities range from the parallel screening of several constructs through process development optimization, to "scale-up" manufacturing. 

Recombinant Proteins & Antibodies Production in Vivo

With our proprietary EasyGo Codon Optimization Technology, Alpha Lifetech Inc. has extremely promoted the expression level of target recombinant proteins in most systems including E. coli, yeast and mammalian hosts. We are glad to help customers with our well-established protein expression systems: Corynebacterium Expression System, Filamentous Fungi Expression System, Insect Cell (nonlytic) Expression System, Pseudomonas fluorescens Expression System, Yeast Expression System, Prokaryotic (E. coli) Expression System, Mammalian Expression System, Insect Expression (lytic) Expression System.

Recombinant Protein & Antibody Production in Vitro (Cell-free) 

Cell-free expression systems offer unique advantages when compared to cell-based protein expression due to problems associated with cellular toxicity, low expression, or aggregation. Cell-free protein synthesis systems are not as sensitive to toxic proteins such as kinases and membrane proteins, and modified tRNAs can be used for labeling and unnatural amino acids can be incorporated at specific sites. 


Cell-based Expression System Cell-free Expression System
Insect Cell (nonlytic) Expression System Wheat Germ Cell-free Expression System
Yeast Expression Service Protein Expression in E. coli Cell-free System
Mammalian Expression System Mammal Cell-free Expression System
Prokaryotic (E. coli) Expression Service Rabbit Reticulocyte Cell-free Expression System

In addition, Alpha Lifetech Inc. is capable of providing the recombinant proteins yielded in special systems: Protein Production in Detergent-free Systems, Protein Production in Inclusion Body, Membrane Protein Production in Liposomes, Membrane Protein Production in Polymers, Membrane Protein Purification in Nanodiscs, Single Protein Expression, Virus-Like Particle Expression.

Recombinant Protein & Antibody Production by Chemical Synthesis 

Chemical synthesis of proteins can be used for applications requiring proteins labeled with unnatural amino acids, proteins labeled at specific sites or proteins that are toxic to biological expression systems. Chemical synthesis produces highly pure proteins but works well only for small proteins and peptides. Yield is quite low with chemical synthesis, and the method is prohibitively expensive for longer polypeptides. Please find more information about our peptide services: Peptide Synthesis Services and Peptide Library Construction.

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