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Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

Alpha Lifetech Inc.'s custom antibody development services including monoclonal and polyclonal antibody generation, production and modification services. We provide a wide range of polyclonal antibody production in different species including New Zealand white rabbits, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, rats, mice and donkeys. 



Antibody Production Service - Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production


Our custom antibody production services enable you to track and manage your antibody development easily and efficiently. Our well-established antibody platform could provide all the steps of the service: antigen production, antibody generation, purification and conjugation, screening and titer analysis. Large scale antibody production is also available for assay manufacturing.

Custom antibody generation workflow is shown below:


Each step is optional, as we offer a truly custom antibody service and strive to meet all your needs.

Antigen Preparation: antigen design, peptide synthesis, hapten/small molecules modification (KLH, BSA, OVA, Hydralink-conjugated), other antigens like viruses, bacterium and whole cells preparation.

Antibody Production: multiple hosts are available, and we offer variable immunization protocols and inject animals with different adjuvants in order to produce desirable immune reactions.

Antibody Purification: Multiple antibody purification protocols are available: protein A and protein G affinity purification, ion exchange and peptide affinity (ligand affinity purification).

Antibody Modification: HRP, AP, other fluorescence groups, agarose beads, quantum dots and magnetic beads conjugation.


Features of Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production


-- High-quality polyclonal antibodies to tailor your requirements

-- Opportunities for you to perform sample testing at various stages

-- Excellent document support system and strict QC & QA

-- Multiple hosts: goat, sheep, canine, chicken, goose, pig, ferret, alligator, bovine, monkey, donkey, horse, ostrich, hamster, rat and turkey.